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Ed van Klink

Ed van Klink


University of Bristol, UK and Wageningen Bioveterinary Institute, NL


Ed van Klink graduated from Utrecht University in 1983, worked in food science research and outbreak control, and then worked for the Zambian Department of Veterinary end Tsetse Control services. 

He joined the Dutch Ministry of Agriculture in 1991 and worked in several positions there until he moved to Bristol University as Senior Lecturer Veterinary Public Health in 2011. Alongside his employment at the Ministry, he has worked as a free lance consultant in animal health, animal welfare and food safety legislation in various countries across the world. 

Since 2017 Ed divides his time between the University of Bristol and Wageningen Bioveterinary Research, Lelystad, The Netherlands, where he is employed as Senior Epidemiologist.

Published Papers
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  • A comparison of different enrichment media for the isolation of Salmonella dublin from livers, kidneys and muscles of Salmonella-positive veal calves. Ed G.M. van Klink and Frans J.M. Smulders. International Journal of Food Microbiology, 10, 177-182.
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