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Leslie A Lyons



  •   Snowshoe 

General information

  • Originated in Pennsylvania, USA in early 1960s from American Shorthair and Siamese breeds. Three kittens of Siamese parentage that were born with white feet formed the foundation of the breed and American Bi-colored Shorthairs were used to develop the breed.
  • Intelligent, people-oriented, very affectionate and moderately docile. Active without being high-strung.
  • Requires grooming once a week.

Biological data

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Further Reading


Refereed papers

  • Recent references from PubMed and VetMedResource.
  • Matiasek L A, Luján Feliu-Pascual A, Shelton D G et al (2009) Axonal neuropathy with unusual clinical course in young Snowshoe cats. J Feline Med Surg Dec 11 (12), 1005-1010 PubMed.
  • Lyons L A, Imes D L, Rah H C et al (2005) Tyrosinase mutations associated with Siamese and Burmese patterns in the domestic cat (Felis catus). Anim Genet 36 (2), 119-126 PubMed.

Other sources of information


  • Visit The International Cat Association website for details on the breed standards
  • Visit the Cat Fanciers' Association website to search for details of CFA Affiliated cat clubs


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