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Synonym(s): Cystic endometrial hyperplasia


  • Disease of the luteal phase.
  • Hormonally mediated cystic hyperplastic endometritis associated with a bacterial infection.



  • Secondary bacterial infection of the material in the endometrial glands (embryotroph) may include Escherichia coli  Escherichia coliProteus spp, B-hemolytic streptococci  Streptococcus spp and occasionally anaerobes.

Predisposing factors


  • Middle to old age.
  • Successive luteal phases without pregnancy.


  • Prolonged use of progestagens for the prevention or suppression of estrus.


  • Successive luteal phases without pregnancy, ie following non-fertile mating-induced ovulation or occasionally spontaneous ovulation (pseudopregnancy Pseudopregnancy), or progestagen use   →   repeated and prolonged progesterone concentrations   →   cystic endometrial hyperplasia   →   pyometra.
  • Renal disease: several aspects of the renal changes associated with pyometra are incompletely understood but some suggestions include:

Prerenal uremia

  • Dehydration, shock and toxemia   →   poor renal perfusion   →   Antibody / Antigen (Ab-Ag) complexes deposited on the basement membrane of the glomerular apparatus   →   glomerular disease   →   persistent proteinuria.
  • Bacterial toxins or immune complexes interfere with Na+ resorption from the distal convoluted tubule and collection ducts   →   tubular disease   →   impaired ability to concentrate urine   →   polyuria   →   dehydration and electrolyte loss.
  • Concurrent renal disease may be found in older cats.

Acid base balance

  • Metabolic acidosis is more common but metabolic alkalosis may develop through prolonged vomiting.


  • Vomiting, uterine loss and renal dysfunction   →   Na+/K loss.

White cells


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