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Bile duct: disease


Phil Nicholls

Rachel Korman

Synonym(s): Extrahepatic bile duct obstruction, EHBDO


  • Cause: obstruction of bile drainage from the common bile duct into the duodenum may occur due to luminal, intramural or extramural causes.
  • Signs: anorexia, vomiting, jaundice.
  • Diagnosis: clinical pathology, imaging, histopathology; most commonly is diagnosed due to subsequent liver damage/disease.
  • Treatment: surgical or medical depending on etiology.
  • Prognosis: good to poor depending on etiology.



  • Obstruction of the biliary tract may be due to:
    • ​Inflammatory mural disease - occurring secondary to (or causing) cholangitis Liver: cholangitis. This is thought to arise as a consequence of bacterial infection ascending from the small intestine.
    • Inflammatory extramural disease - including pancreatitis Pancreatitis, lymphadenopathy Lymphadenopathy or duodenal disease.
    • Intraluminal obstruction - including sludged bile, blood clot or cholelithiasis:
      • Cholelithiasis may be incidental.
      • Bilirubin cholelithiasis has been reported in a young Somali with pyruvate kinase deficiency Pyruvate kinase deficiency.  
    • Biliary tract neoplasia.
    • Congenital or anatomical abnormalities, eg polycystic liver disease, congenital stenosis or atresia.
    • Rupture of the gall bladder or bile duct Gallbladder disease: overview:
      • Rare complication of abdominal trauma with disease due to bile peritonitis. Entrapment in a diaghragmatic hernia is also reported.
    • Infection with Patynosomum concinnum, a liver fluke, occurs in tropical and subtropical countries and can cause liver disease or be asymptomatic.


  • Varied, can be acute over 1-2 days, eg obstructive cholelithiasis but often insidious onset over days-weeks, eg chronic inflammatory disease or neoplasia.


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