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Rainbow boa


Synonym(s): Slender boa


Scientific Classification

  • Kingdom: Animalia. 
  • Phylum: Chordata. 
  • Class: Reptilia. 
  • Order: Squamata. 
  • Suborder: Serpentes. 
  • Family: Boidae. 
  • Genus: Epicrates
  • Species: cenchria

Distribution and habitat

  • Found in Central America (Costa Rica and Panama), and South America (Argentina). 
  • Mostly found in rainforests and tropical environments. 

Species status

  • Not assessed. 
  • Threats include habitat destruction, hunting and predators. 

Life span

  • In captivity, around 20 years.


  • Carnivorous. 
  • Main diet includes rodents, birds and small mammals Snake nutrition


  • The following subspecies are recognized: 
    • E. c. alexei (Argentine). 
    • E. c. assisi (Coating). 
    • E. c. cenchria (Brazilian). 
    • E. c. crassus (Paraguayan).  
    • E. c. maurus (Colombian).


  • Mating takes place between October and February Snake reproduction
  • Gestation period is around 5 months. 
  • Females give birth to between 11-30 live young per litter. 

As pets

  • Commonly found in the pet trade. 
  • Requires very specific environments. 
  • Require intermediate level care. 
  • The Brazilian and the Colombian subspecies are most commonly kept as pets. 

Predatory behavior

  • Kill by constriction. 
  • Hunting takes place mainly at night time. 

Biological Data

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