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Mycoplasmas and ureaplasmas


Synonym(s): Mollicutes




  • Class:Mollicutes.
  • Order:Mycoplasmatales.
  • Family:Mycoplasmataceae.
  • Genera:Mycoplasma: a)Mycoplasma(over 60 species). b)Ureaplasma(single species with serotypes).


  • Gk:myco- fungus;plasma- form;mycoplasma- a fungus form;ureaplasma- a form which requires urea.

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Clinical Effects



  • Occur as free-living saprophytes or parasites of animals.
  • Found on mucous membranes of the gastrointestinal, genital and respiratory tracts.
  • Both pathogenic and non-pathogenic mycoplasmal organisms are found on the mucous membranes of animals as commensals.


  • Reproduce by binary fission, sometimes after formations of filaments.
  • Double-stranded DNA genome.


  • Aerosol, venereal or vertical.
  • Infections may be exogenous or endogenous.

Pathological effects

  • Pathogenesis may involve immune-mediated tissue damage and formation of autoantibodies.
  • May be latent and clinical disease precipitated by stress.
  • Adhere to mucous membranes; some have structures for attachment.
  • Remain extracellular and produce various toxins and enzymes that damage and destroy host cells, eg hemolysins and proteases.
  • Infection often occurs in respiratory tract. Mycoplasmal organisms cause ciliary paralysis which may result in secondary infection by other micro-organisms .
    diseases caused
    • Horses: pneumonia, pleuritis   Lung: pleuropneumonia - bacterial (pleuritis)  , pericarditis   Heart: pericarditis  -M. felis.
    • Primates: atypical pneumonia -M. pneumonie; genital tract infections -M. hominis; urethritis -U. urealyticum.
    • Birds: respiratory disease, joint infections, respiratory disease -M. gallisepticum,M. meleagridis, M. synoviae, M. iners.
    • Cattle: contagious bovine pleuropneumonia -M. mycoidessub sppmycoides(small colony type) and other spp; mastitis, athritis, otitis interna -M. bovis.
  • Goats: septicemia, arthritis, mastitis -M. mycoidessub sppmycoides(larger colony type)M. capricolum, M. putrifaciens.
  • Swine: Enzootic pneumonia, arthritis, polyserositis -M. hypopneumoniae, M. hyorhinis, M. hyposynoviae.

Other Host Effects

  • Many are commensals on mucous membranes, especially upper respiratory, lower alimentary and genitourinary tracts.


Control via chemotherapies


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Further Reading


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