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Peripheral vascular disease


Mark Oyama


  • Peripheral vascular disease encompasses disease of:
    • Arteries.
    • Arterioles.
    • Capillaries.
    • Venules.
    • Veins.
    • Lymphatics.
  • In veterinary medicine, diagnosis and treatment of vascular disease is challenging, due to:
    • Vague clinical signs.
    • Difficulty in diagnosing.
    • Confusion regarding terminology of diseases.
  • Vascular disease often classified according to:
    • Type of vessel affected (arterial vs venous vs lymphatic).
    • Presence or absence of vessel obstruction (occlusive vs non-occlusive).
    • Inflammatory component (-itis).
  • Main forms of peripheral vascular disease in small animals, excluding conditions caused by peripheral thromboembolism, are:
    • Atherosclerosis.
    • Arteriosclerosis.
    • Aneurysms.
    • Peripheral arteriovenous fistulae.
    • Vasculitis.
    • Polyarteritis nodosa.
    • Phlebitis.

Forms of peripheral vascular disease

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