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Ear: otitis externa



  • Inflammation of the external ear canal Otitis externa acute - hemorrhage and transudate  exudate.
  • Affects 4-20% dogs.
  • Causes: numerous, categorized into predisposing factors, primary and secondary causes and perpetuating factors.
  • Signs: pruritus (usually earliest sign) shown by scratching or head shaking, aural discharge, malodor, and pain - shown by head tilt or dislike of handling of ear.
  • Diagnosis:clinical signs, examination and cytology.
  • Treatment: topical therapy (ear cleaner and ear drops), systemic therapy, surgery (where chronic irreversible change is present).
  • Prognosis: Good if acute, in chronic disease primary causes must be identified and controlled to prevent recurrence. Where chronic change is present (perpetuating factors) this must be treated to prevent recurrence.
    Print off the owner factsheet on Chronic otitis Chronic otitis to give to your client.Follow the diagnostic tree for Evaluating and Managing Otitis Externa/Media Evaluating and Managing Otitis Externa/Media.




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Further Reading


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