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Arthritis: osteoarthritis


Synonym(s): DJD, osteoarthritis, osteoarthrosis, secondary joint disease, OA


  • Progressive disorder of synovial joints characterized by numerous pathological processes leading to structural and functional change of the whole joint, inflammation and nociceptive/inflammatory pain. Leading cause of chronic pain and recently classified as a welfare concern.
  • The most frequently encountered joint disease - synonyms are osteoarthritis (emphasises the inflammatory nature of condition), osteoarthrosis (pathological process different from acute inflammatory process) and secondary joint disease (initiating factors have been identified, eg joint instability due to abnormal conformation, ligament rupture or intra-articular fractures).
  • Prevalence: 2.5% of UK canine population, considered huge underestimate. 20% of dogs over 1 year old in US. 35% of all dogs (unpublished work).
  • Cause: multifactorial albeit commonly secondary to developmental disease and joint trauma.
  • Signs: broad array of associated clinical signs, dependent on stage. Acute or insidious onset lameness of one or more limbs, pain on palpation/manipulation, thickened joints in advanced cases, with/without joint effusion. Gross postural adaptation. Capability and gait changes. Behavioral changes.
  • Treatment: multimodal management including pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, physical therapies, weight control, lifestyle adaptations +/-surgery +/- intra-articular, dependent upon stage and severity of condition.
  • Prognosis: varied, commonly influenced by stage of intervention and degree of multimodal intervention. Surgery may remove signs but may not retain joint function and does not address common multiple joint involvement and associated soft tissue related disease.
  • In old animals, likely to be a major factor in the decision for euthanasia.



  • Trauma: a single severe injury, likely repetitive joint concussion/ torsion, or low-grade repeated trauma, eg abnormalities of joint anatomy/structure, conformational abnormalities, instability due to severe joint trauma.

Predisposing factors


  • Represents the end-stage of a variety of pathological processes. Likely that both biochemical and biomechanical processes are involved → a shift in balance of cartilage anabolism and catabolism leading to degeneration of articular cartilage, remodeling of subchondral bone, synovitis, reduced viscosity and nutritional value of synovial fluid, fibrosis of the joint capsule, production of osteophytes at articular margins and enthesophytes at soft tissue insertions, along side persistent nociceptive and inflammatory pain pathway signaling leading to central sensitization and maladaptive pain/ chronic pain. The pain of OA uncouples from the OA pathology and becomes a disease requiring concurrent management. 
  • Understanding that OA has a complex pathogenesis involving biochemical (inflammatory) and biomechanical contribution is essential to understand the role and appropriate timing of differing interventions. 


  • Months to years. Commonly lifelong.


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