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Mark qualified from University College Dublin in 2002 and spent 10 years in large animal practice in Northern Ireland. During this time, he focused on herd health investigations and completed the Postgraduate Certificate in Dairy Herd Health from UCD in 2012. He worked as Technical Consultant for Zoetis and Elanco before moving to Agri-Food and Biosciences Institute in Hillsborough, where he completed a PhD with Queens University Belfast, on the nutritional impacts on immunity in the transition dairy cow. Mark continued to work in nutrition, leading the technical team for Trouw Nutrition Ireland, before joining Fane Valley in July 2021 to develop the veterinary consultancy team. Mark is a Nuffield Scholar and an Associate of the Royal Agricultural Society.

Published Papers

  • Little, M. W., N. E. O'Connell, and C. P. Ferris. 2016. A comparison of individual cow versus group concentrate allocation strategies on dry matter intake, milk production, tissue changes, and fertility of Holstein-Friesian cows offered a grass silage diet. J. Dairy Sci. 99(6):4360 – 4373.
  • Little, M. W., N. E. O'Connell, M. D. Welsh, J. Barley, K. G. Meade and C. P. Ferris. 2016. Prepartum concentrate supplementation of a diet based on medium-quality grass silage: Effects on performance, health, fertility, metabolic function, and immune function of low body condition score cows. J. Dairy Sci. 99(9):7102 – 7122.
  • Little, M. W., N. E. O’Connell, M. D. Welsh, F. J. Mulligan, and C. P. Ferris. 2017. Concentrate supplementation of a medium quality grass silage-based diet for 4 weeks prepartum: Effects on cow performance, health, metabolic status and immune function. J. Dairy Sci. 100(6) 4457 – 4474.
  • Little, M. W., G. A. Arnott, M. D. Welsh, N. E. O’Connell, and C. P. Ferris. 2018. Comparison of total-mixed-ration and feed-to-yield strategies on blood profiles and dairy cow health. Vet. Record. 183(21) 655 - 655.
  • Little, M. W., A. R. G. Wylie, N. E. O’Connell, M. D. Welsh, C. Grelet, M. J. Bell, A. Gordon and C. P. Ferris. 2019. Immunological effects of altering the concentrate inclusion level in a grass-based diet for early lactation Holstein Friesian Cows. Animal 13(4) 799 - 809.

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