Rise in a new strain of bluetongue across Europe | Vetlexicon
Published 18 Oct 2023

Rise in a new strain of bluetongue across Europe

DEFRA have reported an increase in cases of Blue tongue in the Netherlands (BTV-3) and France (BTV-8) and of particular concern is the serotype in the Netherlands, of which there is no approved vaccine.

The UK risk status for BTV entry has been assessed as MEDIUM, with the primary risk being via windborne incursion of affected midges from the affected areas to the UK.

Bluetongue: oral cavity contributed by Belal Hossain

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Details on the DEFRA website here https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/media/651edccd7309a1000db0a965/BTV_Europe_Updated_Outbreak_Assessment.pdf

Published 18 Oct 2023