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Last Updated 10 Aug 2023

The Diary of a CEO

Podcast Recommendation from Vetstream CEO, Dr. Mark Johnston
Diary of a CEO: Episode 101

Several members of the Vetstream team are keen podcast listeners, and recently our CEO Dr Mark Johnston has been catching up on The Diary of a CEO with Stephen Bartlett.

He found one the episodes from October 2021 had a particular impact and wanted to share it with our online community. Episode 101: The Happiness Expert That Made 51 Million People Happier features Stephen’s conversation with Mo Gawdat, who is the author of the book ‘Solve For Happy’. They discuss Mo’s tragic loss of his son, which leads into the topic of finding happiness and how to build on it.

We know that mental health is a consistent discussion subject within the veterinary sector, and it is important to approach these discussions with compassion and sensitivity. Mark felt the topic of happiness and its connection to loss and grief was something we should bring to the forefront of our minds as veterinary professionals. The loss and grief we feel for animal and human companions is unparalleled, and shouldn’t be shied away from.

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Last Updated 10 Aug 2023