A Vetlexicon subscription is built to suit you and your team's needs as veterinary professionals. It will unlock all the available content, and can be further tailored by desired species, and payment preference. You can subscribe directly online and have instant access.


You can now take advantage of our small animal bundle pricing plan.

Subscribe to Canis, Felis, Lapis and Exotis at a preferential price, accessing content from all four species for the price of two. This bundle makes it easier and cheaper for you to access the small animal services, and is a great way to introduce Vetlexicon into your clinical work.

Vetlexicon is available for individuals, small clinical teams, and larger clinical or corporate teams including veterinary schools, associations, practice groups, and more.

For a bespoke team subscription price, please contact us.

An Individual subscription is best suited for those who are the sole practitioner whether that be at a small or mobile practice, locums (relief work), or students whose university doesn’t have a veterinary school subscription.

If the individual plan is best for you, you can checkout directly online today.

The Clinical Team subscription plan is designed for whole veterinary teams. This is ideal for in-practice staff including surgeons, nurses and new graduates, and can cover one or multiple branches depending on how the business is set-up.

If you are interested in a subscription for the whole team, please contact us for a bespoke subscription quote.

There are also available subscription options for Veterinary Schools which can be customized to the needs of the student body and faculty, plus, be adapted around internal software and IT requirements.

If you are interested in a school subscription, or are looking for student discount, please contact us for a bespoke subscription quote.

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