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Gastroparesis Syndrome in UK cattle

Gastroparesis syndrome is a condition that was first reported in the UK in 2022 and appears to be linked to a genetic mutation in a particular individual AI sire. 

It’s that time of year again…. 

Firework parties can be great fun but not always enjoyable for our pets.

Global IVSA SCOVE Challenge Winners Announced

The International Veterinary Students Association Standing Committee on Veterinary Education (IVSA SCOVE) and Vetstream have announced the winners of their annual collaboration. Every year the two organisations join forces to set a knowledge-boosting diagnostic challenge for veterinary students from across the globe.

Brucellosis – advice for veterinary surgeons

The bacterial disease has seen continual increase in the UK since 2020.

Rise in a new strain of bluetongue across Europe

New variants of Blue Tongue in cattle have been identified in France and the Netherlands and could spread to the UK.

When the dark forces are circling.

Our CEO Mark Johnston guest appeared on Vetsquared Innovet's podcast, discussing mental health.