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Unknown canine respiratory disease circulating in US

A mysterious respiratory disease has been affecting dogs across several states in the US.

Potential discovery of Alabama Rot bacteria

Scientists and researchers at the University of Bristol have made progress in the search for the cause of Alabama Rot.

It’s that time of year again…. 

Firework parties can be great fun but not always enjoyable for our pets.

Brucellosis – advice for veterinary surgeons

The bacterial disease has seen continual increase in the UK since 2020.

Are bigger dogs more at risk of developing rare bone cancer?

RVC researches have developed a new study that has found giant dog breeds are up to 118 times more likely to develop a rare form of bone cancer than their cross-breed equivalent. Their osteosarcoma analysis will help vets observe clinical signs associated with the disease and would-be owners to avoid getting dogs bred with more […]