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Congratulations to Equis contributor Anna Hollis

Everyone at Vetstream would like to send their congratulations to Anna Hollis on receiving the RCVS fellowship on Monday 27th November 2023!

Vetstream extends its support for Ukrainian Vets

Vetstream has renewed its provision of providing all six of its Vetlexicon species services to members of the Ukrainian Small Animal Veterinary Association (USAVA) free of charge to support them in their clinical work.

Unknown canine respiratory disease circulating in US

A mysterious respiratory disease has been affecting dogs across several states in the US.

Potential discovery of Alabama Rot bacteria

Scientists and researchers at the University of Bristol have made progress in the search for the cause of Alabama Rot.

International Human-Animal Bond Day

Initiated by the Human Animal Bond Research Institute, it is a day to celebrate the incredible impact animal companions have had on their human counterparts.

BBC Podcast : Thinking Allowed

The most recent episode of the BBC’s podcast ‘Thinking Allowed’ focused in on pets and our relationship with them across the last two centuries. Host Laurie Taylor chats with Jane Hamlett, Senior Lecturer in Modern British History at Royal Holloway, University of London, about her study of the love affair with pets across Britain. Her […]

The Diary of a CEO

Find out more about this podcast from Stephen Bartlett and why we recommend it.