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Urinalysis: specific gravity

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Synonym(s): Relative density


  • Measurement of kidneys' ability to concentrate and dilute urine.



  • Assessment of kidneys' ability to alter specific gravity of glomerular filtrate.

In combination

  • With other tests of renal function in assessment of renal function.


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Refractometer Refractometer 
  • Most common method.
  • If crystal sludging present, urine should be spun in a centrifuge with a supernatant assessed for specific gravity.
  • Single drop placed on glass surface; reading relative so specific gravity of distilled water (=1).
  • Crystalluria does not appear to interfere with reading.
Dipstick Urinalysis: dipstick analysis
  • Results do not correlate well with refractometer.
  • Inaccurate for non-human urine/disregard for animal urine.


  • Standard practice laboratory technique.



  • Good with refractometer.
  • Poor with dipstick.


  • Good with refractometer.
  • Poor with dipstick.

Predictive value

  • Must be interpreted alongside blood biochemistry Blood biochemistry: overview.
  • Dipstick results are inaccurate, refractometer should be used.

Technique intrinsic limitations

  • Cannot interpret results in isolation from other urinalysis results and lab tests.
  • Single random result outside normal reference range cannot establish diagnosis.
  • Glycosuria above 3+ may result in false elevation of urine specific gravity.

Technician extrinsic limitations

  • Refractometer must be calibrated using distilled water before use.

Result Data

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