Gastroparesis Syndrome in UK cattle | Vetlexicon
Published 1 Nov 2023

Gastroparesis Syndrome in UK cattle

Gastroparesis syndrome is a condition that was first reported in the UK in 2022 and appears to be linked to a genetic mutation in a particular individual AI sire. Little is known about the condition as yet. The affected sire is no longer available for AI and has no sons in AI service.

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Clinical signs include: abdominal distension, progressive loss of rumen contractions, inappetence, loss of condition, lack of response to treatment and progression to recumbency and death.

This condition presents very similarly to vagal indigestion, ruminal bloat, SARA, etc, so may be a diagnosis of exclusion once other conditions have been ruled out, therapeutic intervention has been unsuccessful, and a link has been established with a specific AI sire.

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Gastroparesis syndrome

Published 1 Nov 2023