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What's New - December 2022



 Investigation of anemia diagnostic tree


Anemia is defined as reduced number of red cells and/or decreased hemoglobin content. May be due to blood loss or hemolysis, regenerative anemia or reduced production of red cells, non-regenerative anemia.

Written by Vetstream Ltd
Reviewed by Yvonne McGrotty BVMS CertSAM DipECVIM-CA MRCVS

 Medication: Fluralaner client information

This factsheet is designed to help answer commonly asked questions about this medication, and to help your clients give the medication safely and effectively to their pets. 

Written by Vetstream Ltd
Reviewed by MGigi Davidson BS DipCVP

 Adenovirus infection client information

This factsheet is designed to help answer commonly asked questions about this condition in rabbits. Because adenoviruses are rarely reported in rabbits, they're not thought to be a major cause of gastrointestinal disease, but if the clinical signs fit, adenovirus infection may be on your differential diagnosis list.

Written by Claire Speight RVN A1 Clinical Coach C&GCertVNES
Reviewed by Jennifer Hamlin AS NDAET GCTLT RVT RVN 

 Pigment changes

Pigment changes in reptiles are the result of normal age-related change in certain species, response to environmental stimuli, dysecdysis, trauma related changes, scarring, thermal burns, bacterial/fungal dermatitis, gray patch disease in turtles.

Written by Agata Witkowska BVM BVS MRCVS
Reviewed by Joanne Sheen BVM&S CertZooMed DipABVP

 Palmar / plantar annular ligament syndrome

Causes of this syndrome include damage to the palmar / plantar annular ligament (PAL) by direct or indirect trauma; secondary desmitis to non-infectious or infectious tenosynovitis, usually chronic causing enlargement of the flexor tendon sheath; tendonitis of the SDFT/DDFT within digital sheath.

Updated by Graham Munroe BVSc PhD DESM CertEO DipECVS FRCVS

 Papilloma virus: autogenous vaccine in-house production

Therapeutic vaccination of cattle with papillomatous lesions to induce a humoral and cell mediated immune response against a specific bovine papilloma virus (BPV) resulting in regression of the warty lesion.

Written by Ash Phipps BVSc(HonsI) GradCertVPH(EAD) MVS MVSc(Clinical) FANZCVS
Reviewed by Mark Little MVB CertDHH PhD NSch ARAgS MRCVS

New Contributor - Kim Le

Kim became a Diplomate of the American Board of Veterinary Practitioners in Exotic Companion Mammals in 2021. Her path has led her to work in clinical academia and private referral practice all over the world including Australia, Canada, Hong Kong and currently the United States of America. In Kim's spare time she enjoys paddling, mountain biking, bird watching, scuba diving and eating!

Kim has contributed to a number of articles on Vetlexicon Exotis. Check our her full Contributors profile here!

Journal Feeds on Vetlexicon

We have now included Journal Feeds to various veterinary publications throughout Vetlexicon. You’ll find the Journal Feeds on the left-hand side in each Category within Canis, Felis, Lapis, ExotisEquis and Bovis. Check them out for all the latest veterinary news and articles from around the globe!

Contributor News – Zoë Halfacree

Congratulations to Zoë Halfacree MA VetMB CertVDI DipECVS CertSAS FRCVS, a soft tissue specialist at Davies Veterinary Specialists (Davies) who has been awarded a Fellowship by the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS).

Prior to joining Davies in October 2020, Zoë was a Senior Lecturer in Small Animal Surgery and Head of Soft Tissue Surgery at the RVC.

Zoe has been valued contributor to Vetlexicon Canis and Felis for many years. Check out her list of contributions here!