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Insulin: glucose ratio

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  • Plasma concentrations of glucose Blood biochemistry: glucose, and insulin Insulin assay, are usually tightly linked.
  • Alterations in glucose result in rapid alteration of insulin to bring glucose back to normal range.



  • A diagnosis of insulinoma Insulinoma, is supported by demonstration of normal or high insulin levels in the presence of hypoglycemia.


Source of test material

Quantity of test material

  • 1 ml whole blood for each assay (insulin and glucose).

Sample collection technique

Step 1

  • Fast animal for 12 hours prior to testing.
  • Collect blood samples into fluoride oxalate and plain tube labeling sample with time and owner's name.
  • Ideally collect second set of samples at a different time.

Quality control


  • Label sequential samples with care. (Easy to mix up.)

Sample storage

  • Separate serum from sample for insulin assay prior to storage.
  • Store samples in a refrigerator prior to despatch.

Sample transport



  • Many commercial laboratories.

Result Data

Abnormal values

  • Insulinoma.

Further Reading


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