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Intestine: small intestine tumor – VD (barium series)

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Intestine: small intestine tumor - VD (barium series)

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  1. Normal location of pylorus in the midline, with U-shaped stomach to the left side (cf. dog).
  2. Segment of markedly dilated proximal duodenum (assumed to be the result of secondary local ileus as no obstructive lesion is present).
  3. Large, hemispherical filling defect within barium, with broad attachment to duodenal wall.
  4. Mucosal surface shown by barium around the margins of the mass.
  5. Duodenal beading and string-like appearance which is normal in cats.
  6. Plain radiography showed a soft tissue mass and unusual gas shadows in the region of the proximal duodenum. Ultrasonography confirmed that the mass was associated with the intestine. Barium shows the tumor as a filling defect.
  7. Surgical resection; histological diagnosis carcinoma.