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Intestine: SI obstruction – radiograph VD (barium)

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Intestine: SI obstruction - radiograph VD (barium)

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  1. Numerous, massively-dilated loops of small intestine (normal upper size limit is 12mm in cats). The site of obstruction is not evident on this radiograph. Low obstructions such as this are hard to differentiate from paralytic ileus.
  2. Peristaltic waves are still visible.
  3. Dilation of proximal duodenum.
  4. Air in rectum.
  5. The use of barium in this case is questionable, since dilated intestinal loops were clearly evident on the plain radiograph and surgery was inevitable - barium leaking from an enterotomy site can delay healing.
  6. The cause of the obstruction in this case was adhesions between intestine and a previous laparotomy site.