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Staining techniques: Leishman's stain

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Podcast: Staining techniques: Leishman's stain


  • A neutral stain for blood smears devised by the British surgeon, W B Leishman (1865-1926).
  • Double staining compound of Methylene blue and Eosin in alcohol, which is usually diluted and buffered before use.
  • It stains the different components of blood in a range of shades between red and blue.


  • Stain WBC, RBC and platelets to identify pathology.


  • Referral laboratory or human medical institution.


Work time

  • Not applicable - referral laboratory.


People competence
  • Veterinary: medium.
  • Nursing: medium.


  • Prepare blood smear   Blood smear  or cytospin slide.
  • Fix the wet preparation either by spraying it with a smear fix or gently dipping the slide in a Coplin jar of acetic acid.
  • Air dry for blood smear.
  • Place slide on a rack and flood with Leishman stock: 2 min for blood; 30 sec to 1 min for fluid.
  • Add 2 ml of pH 6.8 Sorensen's buffer and gently rock the rack to mix the solutions, then leave for 7 min; ~2 min for fluid.
  • Rinse in distilled water.
  • Air dry or carefully dry with fiber-free blotting paper.
  • Mount slide.
  • Examine under light microscope.

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