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Treponema spp


Synonym(s): Bovine digital dermatitis (BDD)




  • Treponema are a genus of spiral-shaped bacteria.
  • Domain: bacteria.
  • Phylum: Spirochaetota.
  • Class: Spirochaetia.
  • Order: Spirochaetales.
  • Family: Treponemataceae.
  • Genus: Treponema.
  • Species: at least 20 phylotypes including:
    • T. medium/vicentii-like.
    • T. phagedenis.
    • T. pedis.
    • T. bryantii.
    • T. ruminis.
    • T. rectale.
    • T. refringens.
    • T. denticola.


  • Gk: trepein - turn; Gk: nema - thread.

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Clinical Effects



  • Natural reservoir remains unknown.
  • Skin maceration and wet, semi-anaerobic environment are predisposing habitats.


  • Transmission route and environmental reservoirs still remain unclear.

Pathological effects

Other Host Effects

  • Causes severe lameness in cattle as a result of inflammatory dermatitis of the digital skin. This is most often observed on the plantar aspect of the interdigital cleft.
  • Two types of lesions can be observed; erosive (more common in Europe) and wart (more common in North America) forms.
  • Can reduce milk yield and reduce reproductive performance.


Control via animal

  • Strict biosecurity procedures for new cattle entering herds.
  • Remedial foot trimming, cleaning of affected feet and application of antibacterial products.

Control via chemotherapies

  • Acute lesions can be treated topically using antibiotic powers/sprays containing oxytetracycline Oxytetracycline.

Control via environment

  • Prevent cattle access to moist, unhygienic conditions such as opportunity to walk through slurry.
  • Dedicated foot trimming equipment which is disinfected after each use.
  • Boot and equipment disinfection facilities for visitors entering the farm.


  • No vaccination available.


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Other sources of information

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