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Madeleine L H Campbell


Hobgoblins Stud and Equine Reproduction Centre, UK


Madeleine Campbell is an RCVS and European Recognised Specialist in Equine Reproduction. She is the sole partner at Hobgoblins Equine Reproduction Centre, and has active research interests in clinical equine reproduction, and in the ethics of using assisted reproductive technologies in animals.

Published Papers
  • Campbell, M.L.H., Peachey, L., Callan, L., Wathes, D.C., and de Mestre, A.M. (2019) Cyclical cervical function in the mare involves remodelling of collagen content, which is correlated with modification of oestrogen receptor 1 abundance Animal Reproduction Science 210, 106192
  • Campbell, M.L.H; Hampshire, D; Hamstead, L; Rose, B.; Smith, K.C and de Mestre, M (2017) The effects of intrauterine infusion of peanut oil on endometrial health, salivary cortisol and interovulatory period in mares. Theriogenology Vol. 102, pp. 116 125 (This publication arose from research funded by the HBLB to investigate a welfare-friendly, ethical method of oestrus suppression in mares).
  • Campbell M.L.H (2016) Is cloning horses ethical? Equine Veterinary Education and associated podcast
  • Campbell, M.L.H and Sandoe, P.E (2015) Welfare in horse breeding. Veterinary Record 176:436-440 doi:10.1136/vr.102814.
  • Campbell, M.L.H, Mellor, D.J and Sandoe, P.E (2014) How should the welfare of fetal and neurologically immature   post-natal   animals   be   protected?   Animal   Welfare   Volume   23   369-379 DOI 10.7120/09627286.23.4.369.
  • Campbell, M.L.H (2014) Embryo transfer in competition horses: managing mares and expectations. Equine Veterinary Education Volume 26, Issue 6, Pages 322-327 doi: 10.1111/eve.12182.
  • Campbell M.L.H (2014) Does the current regulation of assisted reproductive techniques in the UK safeguard animal welfare? Animal Welfare 23: 109-118 doi: 10.7120/09627286.23.1.109.
  • Campbell, MLH and England, GCW (2004): Effect of teasing, mechanical stimulation and the intrauterine infusion of saline on uterine contractions in mares. Vet Rec Jul 24;155(4):103-10.
  • Campbell, MLH and England, GCW (2002):M-mode ultrasound imaging of the contractions of the equine uterus. Vet Rec 150 (18) 575-577.
  • Campbell,  MLH  and  England,  GCW  (2002):  A  comparison  of  the  ecbolic  effects  of  intravenous  and intrauterine oxytocin treatments. Theriogenology 65 801-805.